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Our excavation service is ideal if you’re looking to build an in-ground swimming pool, foundations for a new development such as a house, building, bridge, or other fixed terrestrial structure.

Most new constructions require some type of earthworks before the building commences. Excavation is commonly required and because of this we own and operate 4 sizes of excavators. Whatever size project you have, we can manage it with one of our 3t, 6t, 13t, or 20t excavators which are maintained regularly for both reliability and safety.

Our equipment is suitable for excavation work on virtually any type of ground surface including rubble, rocks, clay, sand, and dirt.

We offer wet hire and dry hire so you can tailor a solution for your project and available human resources. Our team of operators are highly experienced, having worked on a wide range of projects, including large scale projects, and many have been with our company since we began in 2011.

The team at Queensland Earthworks can supply your project with the right equipment and if required, experienced and qualified staff to operate it.

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Site Levelling


Rock Retaining Walls

Concrete Preparation

Tree Clearing

Building Preparations

Concrete & Asphalt Driveway

Hole Boring

Bulk & Detailed Excavations

Pool Excavations

Footing & Trenches